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Pomegranate juice extraction made easy!
pomXpress Mark VII

Love fresh pomegranate juice, but not the effort required to get it? Each pomegranate season my family would labor long hours removing the seeds and processing them into juice. This past season we perfected a more efficient and practical method to obtain the juice from our pomegranates.

The Problem

According to research articles, pomegranate juice is proving to be very beneficial to overall health. I don’t know anything about that--all I know is my mother telling me the juice is good for me, drink it! Because of the pomegranate’s hard rind and juice trapped in individual arils, standard juicers don't work well for pomegranates. These juicers blend the skin and membrane along with the seeds releasing tannin and make the juice bitter. Years of juicing pomegranates the slow, messy, traditional way, prompted me to devise a more efficient, practical method for my own use.

The Design

What was needed was a way to press the pomegranates rather than grind them. I wanted a press that would exert sufficient pressure on the pomegranates to release as much juice from the seeds as possible, but not enough pressure to release the bitter tannin from the rind. I wanted a non-electric, manual hydraulic device that would be simple to operate and rugged.

The Solution

After building and testing numerous prototypes we now have the pomXpress™, which quickly and efficiently extracts the delicious juice from our pomegranates. By pressing the fruit instead of blending, we get a great tasting juice. The rind, membrane and seeds stay out of the juice, and after pressing, the pulp remains separate and is easily removed for composting or disposal.

The pomXpress™ is a quality tool, built in the U.S.A., for years of service.

- Dan McClarin, inventor of the pomXpress™.

Visit the How it Works page to learn more about why the pomXpress™ is the best possible solution for extracting pomegranate juice.

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